Key Points For Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft has recently rebranded Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID, marking a significant shift in their identity products. This change aims to simplify and streamline their offerings, making it easier for users to understand and utilize their services.
One of the main features of Microsoft Entra ID is its unified conditional access. This feature allows for the enforcement of security policies not only on apps and devices but also on networking configurations.
This takes advantage of Microsoft's vast Azure networking capabilities, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses.
However, it does mention that Azure Active Directory's free version will become Entra ID for free, and the P1 and P2 plans will be renamed as Microsoft Entra IDP1 and IDP2, respectively.
The transition from Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID represents a significant shift in Microsoft's approach to identity services.
With a focus on unified access, enhanced security, and cost-effective solutions, Entra ID is poised to offer robust and comprehensive identity solutions for businesses of all sizes.